OpenBridge Modeler

RebarSet-Slab - End Condition tab

Used to create bar end conditions, with or without bends, hooks, or cranks.

The following descriptions apply to all start and end options.

Select the type of end condition for each position:
  • Bend – A hook end.
  • Hook – Two 90° bends, creating a hooked parallel leg.
  • Crank – Offset bar
  • 90 Degree Hook – Same as a Bend, but with the angle set at 90°.
  • 135 Degree Hook – Same as a Bend, but with the angle set at 135°.
  • 135 Degree Seismic Hook – Same as a 135 Degree Hook, but with the lengths specified for seismic detailing.
  • 180 Degree Hook – Same as a Bend, but with the angle set at 180°. Or, a hook with a single bend.
  • Projection – Additional straight length.
  • User – User-entered condition with two bends.
Offset (Extension) (Where Applicable) Positive (extends the bar) or negative (shortens the bar) the specified distance from the edge of the concrete element.
Rotation Type a rotation angle (in degrees). Click to rotate the bar by increments of 90 degrees.
Status Indicates if you have used standard or user-defined end conditions.
Edit End Condition Values When you select an end condition type, the standard values and angle are applied. If necessary, click Edit End Condition Values to enter custom end condition settings. See Rebar End Properties dialog.
Lock End Condition Values (Where Applicable) Toggle the end condition lock to keep the end condition parameters for bars and rebarsets the same. Unlock them to edit independently.
Tip: For additional details, Working With End Conditions.