OpenBridge Modeler

To export clash results to a spreadsheet

You can export the clash results to Microsoft Excel supported formats. The export can be saved to the XSLX, CSV, XLS, XLSB or XLSM formats.

Note: You can export clash results to Excel only if you have installed a working version of Microsoft Excel. If you are using a non-English version of Clash Detection, make sure that the appropriate Microsoft Office Language Pack is also installed. If you do not have Microsoft Excel installed, the clash results can be saved to the CSV file format only.
  1. From the Clash Detection dialog Results tab, make sure the column headers are in the order that you want them to display in the Excel spreadsheet. Only columns displayed on the Results tab are exported to Excel.
  2. (Optional) Group the clashes as needed.
  3. Select Results > Export All > Excel/CSV. The Export Excel/CSV File dialog opens.
  4. Name the file and click Save. The default file name is Clashes.xlsx.
  5. Open the Excel spreadsheet to view the clashes. Listed first are the individual groups and clashes followed by the groups with the clash details included in each group.

To export clash results to spreadsheet via key-in

Key in CLASHDETECTION CLASHRESULT EXPORT EXCEL <pathname\filename>, where <pathname\filename> is, for example, <d:\temp\Clashes.xlsx>.

If you type the key-in without specifying a path name, the Export Excel/CSV File dialog opens, prompting you to select a name and location for the exported file.