OpenBridge Modeler

Continuous Footing Reinforcement - Main Reinforcing tab

Used to define bar spacing and bar sizes for your footing pads.

Clearances Sets the dimension from the edge of concrete to the closest rebar (Top, Bottom, Side, and End values).
Top Rebar / Bottom Rebar When checked, enables adding top / bottom bars.
Both Longitudinal and Transversal bar details can be set.
  • Qty – Sets the quantity of the selected bars.
  • Bar Size – Sets the size of the bar selected from the drop-down list.
  • Spacing – Sets the distance between bars in the X and Y direction.
  • Layout – Sets the bar alignment mode; either top, bottom, center aligned or rounded up/down.
  • Start Offset – When checked, allows setting offsets.
  • Start / End Offset – Sets the distance between bars in the X and Y direction, respectively.
  • Type (for Transversal) – Sets the bar type; either Straight or U-Bar. For Transversal bar, however the Type can also be set to Closed.
    Note: Setting the Type Closed for Bottom Rebar, will override the Top Rebar Transversal bar, and disables the settings, as well as the Above toggle.
  • Above – When checked, toggles to position whichever bars are in Y-direction bars or X-direction bars, only one can be checked.