OpenBridge Modeler

Rebar Modification Ribbon Tab

Contains tools used for manipulating reinforcing bars and bar end conditions.

Table 1. Rebar group
Tool name Description

Edit Rebar
Used to edit any existing individual rebar in any existing rebar cage.

Move Rebar
Used to move a single bar or multiple bars contained in a rebar cage.

Copy Rebar
Used to make a duplicate of an existing bar on your model.

Delete Rebar
Used to delete individual bars or stirrups from a rebar cage.

Explode Rebar
Used to break apart rebar cages into individual bars.

Stretch Rebar
Used to stretch the selected rebar.

Trim Rebar
Used to trim the selected rebar.

Extend Rebar
Used to lengthen the selected rebar.

Break Rebar
Used to break the selected rebar into two segments.

Lap/Splice Rebar
Opens the Create Rebar Lap Splice dialog, which is used to create a lap splice at any given point of an existing piece of rebar or rebar cage.
Table 2. End Conditions group
Tool name Description

Edit Single Rebar
Used to modify a rebar's end conditions.

Opens the Edit End Condition dialog, which is used to apply a standard or user-defined end condition to an existing rebar.

Used to delete the end condition on an selected bar.

Convert End Condition to Bent Bar
Used to covert a single rebar or a rebarset End Condition to U bar using the <Ctrl> key.

Rotate End Condition
Used to rotate the end condition of a selected bar by either 90° or a user-specified amount.

Align to Line
Used to align a selected bar's end condition to a line (typically the edge of concrete).