OpenBridge Modeler

Viewing and Modifying Rebar Code Settings

To display or make changes to the rebar codecode settings —including units, use the following procedure.

CAUTION: Be very careful when changing rebar code settings. These values affect nearly every calculation and drawing object you create in the modeling and detailing processes.
  1. Select (Rebar/Concrete Codes). The Rebar Codes Manager dialog opens.
  2. Select the tab for either Rebar Codes.
  3. Use the Navigation area to expand nodes and browse to the code and category that you want to view Use the right-click menu options as required to copy, paste, and delete nodes. The right panel displays the parameters and values for current code.
  4. Use the Data Entry area to view and change specific settings. Edit a code by typing in the Value column for a specific Parameter entry.
  5. When done, click OK .