OpenBridge Modeler

Create Rebar Lap Splice

Used to create a lap splice at any given point of an existing piece of rebar or rebar cage.

Accessed from:
  • Ribbon: Concrete > Rebar Modification > Rebar > Lap/Splice Rebar

Pick Rebar tab

Method Sets one of these methods for picking rebar:
  • Single Rebar
  • All Rebar in Same Direction
  • All Rebar in Set
Bar Size Displays the bar size of selected rebar.
Stock Length Type the bar stock length for the bar size used.
Mill Length Type the manufactured length for the bar size used.
Fence When checked, picks the rebars within fence. Disabled for Single Rebar method.
Pick Rebar Picks the rebar selected in the drawing.

Lap Method tab

Method Sets the method for the lap, selected one from the three options: Length, Bar Diameter, and Mechanical Device.
Lap Length / Multiplier When Length is selected as the Lap Method , this value set in the adjacent field will be used for bar laps.

When Bar Diameter is selected as the Lap Method, then type to use and the calculated lap length is shown in the Multiplier field.

It is disabled for Mechanical Device method.
Method: Mechanical Device

Mechanical Device method enables the Manufacturer /Device settings:

  • Manufacturer – Sets All or one of the Manufacturers from the drop-down list.
  • Type – Displays the types of laps, lists valid categories for rebar mechanical device selection:
    • Anchorage
    • Coupler
    • Form Saver
    • Jacks
    • PT-Bars
    • Terminator
    You can set All or one of the Types to narrow the devices list.
  • Device – Lists the devices in a given type for the selected manufacturer. Select required device from the list to proceed lap settings.

    When a selected component, e.g. the EL20A2 Erico Lenton A2 Standard Coupler is used, it retrieves the component’s geometry (in binary format as DGN), graphical and business properties as stored in Component Center. The respective fields get filled and the mechanical device is ready for placement.

  • Application – Lists the application areas: e.g. Manufacturer, Shop, Field etc.
  • Reverse – When checked, reverses the orientation of the device on the bar end.
  • Cost – Sets the cost for the selected device type.
  • Type – Sets a device type from the drop-down list.
  • Holdback – When checked, allows setting the hold back value to include as a length at the end of the bar with no preparation, using the specified length value in the adjacent field
  • Cost – Sets the cost for the selected device type.

Generate Lap tab

Center Lap on Line When checked, the lap is centered on the line. When unchecked, the lap will start on the line and will be placed on the same side of the line that you select the rebar on.
Lap Offset Sets the offset distance that will be calculated from the point you selected (Lap Offset is ignored if Center Lap on Line option is selected).
Insert by 2 Points Defines the lap line for Rebar between 2 chosen points.
Insert by a Line Places the Lap Rebar along an existing line / Smartline.
Maximum Stock When checked, sets the percentage to use laps at the maximum bar length. Type a percentage in the % Over field to allow this amount over the maximum length.
Uniform Length When checked, makes the bar lengths along all equal.
Stagger Laps When checked, staggers the bar laps by the indicated distance set in the next field.
Match Selects the lap matching the specifications.
Skipped Bars Sets bars to be skipped in the rebar lap.
Clear Lap Clears the lap.

Dialog Controls

OK Closes the dialog and save your changes.
Help Opens online help.