OpenBridge Modeler

To copy a beam definition

To copy a beam definition to one or more other beams in a selected Beam Group, use the following procedure.

In the Beam Definition dialog, once you have defined a beam definition you can copy that definition to multiple beams.
Tip: To easily copy a concrete beam definition to all the other beams in the selected layout, simply check the Apply To All Beams option in the Beam Definition dialog.
  1. Right-click on the source beam (the beam that has the beam definition you want to use elsewhere) and select Copy To from the pop-up menu. The Beam Copy dialog opens.
  2. Select the target beams:
    To… Do this…
    select one or more individual beams check the option for each beam
    select one or more spans check the option for each span
    select all the beams in the beam group click Select All
    clear the selection click Clear All
  3. Select the Copy By method to specify the definition cut-offs:

    click Distance to use the fixed length


    click Ratio to use the ratio of distance to span length

The source beam definition is copied to the target beams.