OpenBridge Modeler

To add variable section columns to a pier

To add columns with sections that vary along the column height to a pier, use the following procedure.

Variable columns are added on the Edit Pier dialog Column tab.
  1. On the Column Type drop-down list, select Variable. The Column attributes update.
  2. In the Column parameters, click […] in the Variation field (following the Variable Sections description). The Variable Column Form dialog opens.
  3. (Optional) To add a new section to the table, click Add Section. Each row of the table represents a segment along the columns length. It describes how the selected cross-section varies between the two ends.

    The segments in the table are ordered from top-to-bottom of the column. Use the Up and Down buttons to move the current row up or down in the column height.

    A new row is added to the table.
  4. Define the variation of a column segment:
    1. Type the Section Height which is the length of a particular segment.
    2. Select the Shape from the drop-down list in the cell. The same shape is used through the segment, with varying dimensions.
    3. Type the Start Dimensions of the shape at the start of the column segment. This is a comma-separated list of dimensions. The number of required dimensions varies depending on the selected section type.
    4. Type the End Dimensions of the shape at the end of the column segment.
    Tip: Click Update Drawing after you make changes to update the rendering in the Edit Pier dialog.
  5. (Optional) To select a user-defined or other template:
    1. Select Template from the Shape drop-down list.
    2. Click in the Template filed for this section to select the template name.
  6. If you have more than one variable segment, select one as the Adjustable Height segment. This indicates to the program that when the height of a pier is to be updated based on terrain, cross-slope, etc., then this segment will increase or decrease in length accordingly.
  7. (Optional) Click Update Drawing to update the 3D view in the Edit Pier dialog.
  8. Click OK.