OpenBridge Modeler

To place multiple supportlines

To place multiple supportlines on the active alignment by specifying distances and skew angles, use the following procedure.

You must have an active bridge unit and alignment to place a supportline.
  1. Either:

    On the Home ribbon tab, select the Place > Multi tool in the SupportLine group


    Key in bmgeom supportline placemulti

  2. In the Place Multi SupportLines tool settings dialog, specify any fixed settings. These values will be the default for each supportline placed, but they may be changed for individual supportlines later.
  3. Type the Number of SupportLines to place using the tool.
  4. Select the Direction Mode to use.
  5. (Optional) Set the Feature options if needed.
  6. In the view window, provide the following data points:
    Note: If you set these tool settings, data point anywhere to accept the values.
    1. Data point to specify the Start Location.
    2. Data point to specify the Direction Mode.
    3. Data point to specify the End Location.
    The Place Multi SupportLines dialog opens.
  7. Specify different (skew) angle, station, or span lengths for individual supportlines as needed. The station or span length is calculated when the other value is entered.
  8. Click OK.
The supportlines are added to the bridge model on the active alignment.