OpenBridge Modeler

Extending Rebar

To extend rebar:

Use Extend Rebar to lengthen bars that were originally placed using any of reinforcement tools.
  1. Select (Extend Rebar)
  2. On your model, either:

    Click to identify the bar that you want to extend.


    <Ctrl+click> on a bar to extend all bars in the same zone (such as the top, bottom, or side of a rebar cage).

    The pop-up prompt for selecting extend position options appears:
    Select one of the trim options to specify the position at which to extend the bar(s):
    • P – By Points; allows you to select first, followed by second point on the rebar.
    • R – By Perpendicular Points; allows you to select a perpendicular point in the vew.
    • L – By Line intersecting rebar; allows you to select the line.
  3. For Points, for example click to indicate the location on the bar where the bar should be extended, followed by click to identify the "new end" of the bar — the location where the bar should be extended to. The end condition is aligned with the extension location.