OpenBridge Modeler

Important Civil Tools Concepts

OpenBridge Modeler includes many tools for civil engineering from Bentley Civil Tools. The following are some key concepts to help you better use these tools.

Terrain Models

Terrain models are used in OpenBridge Modeler to automatically evaluate the placement of substructure objects with relation to the ground. Terrain data can be imported or created from within OpenBridge Modeler using the Terrain Model Tools.

Roadway Alignment

Roadway alignment is used as the basis for the bridge models. You must select the alignment for any bridge model in OpenBridge Modeler. Civil geometry data can be imported or created from with OpenBridge Modeler using the Civil Tools.

Model Interoperability

Data integrity can be ensured using Bentley's Integrated Civil i-Model (ICM) feature. The Civil Design Synchronization Navigator program can then be used to control changes in an ICM repository.

Feature Definitions

A feature is a physical object or grouping of physical objects in the civil model which share a set of attributes. The feature definitions can be used to define the symbology and display of the feature in all viewing possibilities, element naming, automatic selection of templates, and attributes for quantity calculations.