OpenBridge Modeler

To assign position numbers to a concrete model

  1. Select (Positioning) tool . The Positionflags and Positioning dialog opens.
  2. Select the Concrete Positioning tab to set up position number options.
  3. Click (Automatic Positioning). Opens the Automatic Positioning Settings dialog. Set the filter options in the left pane, for one or more categories:
    • Concrete Elements
    • Rebar Cages
    • Single bars
    Set the sorting arguments for position flag styles to all concrete, cages, and rebar. Click to accept the settings and return to the Positioning dialog.
  4. Click (Process Automatic Positioning), and on your model, click two points to select the boundaries of the area that you want to assign position numbers to.
  5. Right click to accept the selection. A dialog displays a list of parts and the position numbers assigned to them.
  6. Click OK . If you are applying position numbers to concrete, cages, and rebar, a results dialogs will display for each set of parts. Click OK to acknowledge each set of results. The main Positioning Dialog re-appears.
  7. When done posioning, click OK .