OpenBridge Modeler

2D Templates: Decks, Beams, Columns, and Barriers

These template types are drawn as 2D shapes which can then be used along the length of the bridge or pier column.

Note: The units used in the template are based on the seed selected when starting a model.

Template Drawing Rules

  • Deck, beam, and barrier templates are assumed vertical (i.e., plane parallel to the global Z axis of a model)
  • All lines should close to form complete geometric shapes.
  • The working point (WP) should be used as the reference point. It does not necessarily need to be the top-center of the shape, but this is typical.
  • There is no need to draw any chamfered or filleted corners, as these are parametrically controlled in the template properties.

Limitations on Column Templates

  • Cross sections cannot be extruded from on to another (i.e, no lofting)
  • Each length of a column in a variable type can only have one column cross-section template with a specified thickness.
  • User-defined columns can be transferred to RM Bridge, but not to LEAP Bridge Concrete or LEAP Bridge Steel.
  • Column templates cannot vary (as with decks).