OpenBridge Modeler

To place a parallel supportline

To place a supportline parallel to an existing supportline, use the following procedure.

You must have an existing supportline to copy.
This tool creates a supportline parallel to an existing supportline by a specified offset distance. The skew and length of the existing supportline are copied.
Note: Using a skewed supportline will result in the new supportline not being centered on the alignment. If a supportline does not cross the active alignment, then it cannot be used for most tools requiring supportline selection.
  1. Either:

    On the Home ribbon tab, select the Place > Parallel tool in the SupportLine group


    key in bmgeom supportline placeparallel

  2. In the Place SupportLine Parallel tool settings dialog, type an Offset distance.
  3. In the view window:
    1. Data point on an existing supportline to use as a reference.
    2. Data point on either side of the reference supportline to determine the direction to copy. If you did not specify an offset distance, the second data will also determine the offset.
A new supportline is added parallel to the reference supportline.