OpenBridge Modeler

Quick Access Toolbar

The Quick Access Toolbar contains the workflow drop-down list and other frequently used commands.

workflow Sets the workflow according to which the tabs of the ribbon are displayed. The following workflows are available by default:
  • OpenBridge Modeler Dislays bridge and roadway modeling tools.
  • Drawing - Displays drawing and annotation tools, and is used for all common functionality such as placing lines, attaching references, and placing annotation functions that are primarily thought of as drafting.
  • Modeling - Displays surface and solid modeling tools, and is used for placing and constructing surfaces, solids, meshes and parametric features.
  • Visualization - Displays visualization tools, and is used for producing renderings, applying materials and setting up camera views and lighting.
  • Task Navigation - Displays a selectable task selection. This allows your Task and Workflows created in prior versions to be used within this release.

Select Task
(Available only when the Task Navigation workflow is selected) Allows you to select the task from the Task Navigation workflow.

Open an existing design file or a file of a different type as the active design file.

Saves design changes to the active DGN file.

Save Settings
Saves settings in the active design file. This option is enabled only if the "Save Settings on Exit" preference is set to off in the Preferences dialog Operation category. This allows you to save settings at will, as they are not automatically saved when you exit the file.

Compress Options
Used to purge empty and unused data resources as well as deleted elements from the open DGN file.

Negates the last operation.
Tip: If you hover the mouse over the Undo icon in the Quick Access Toolbar, it shows you the last command it will undo.

(Undo) To Mark
Negates operations performed after a mark was set.

Undo All
Opens an alert box that lets you negate all of the operations recorded in the Undo buffer.

Negates the last undo operation.
Tip: If you hover the mouse over the Redo icon in the Quick Access Toolbar, it shows you the last command it will redo.

Set Mark
Sets a mark in the undo buffer back to which subsequent operations can be undone.

Used to select and deselect elements for modification or manipulation. The set of selected elements is called the selection set.

Customize Quick Access Toolbar
A drop-down menu allows you to enable/disable Quick Access Toolbar items, to move the Quick Access Toolbar below or above the ribbon, and to minimize/restore the ribbon.