OpenBridge Modeler

To place auxiliary objects spaced along a path

To place auxiliary objects evenly spaced along a defined path, use the following procedure.

You must associate a feature with a cell object in order to use that cell.

  1. Either:

    on the Home ribbon tab, select the Place Path tool in the Auxiliary group


    key in bmgeom appurtenance placebypath

  2. In the Place Aux By Path tool settings dialog, select the method for determining the frequency of objects along the path:
    Mode Selection Description
    Number Type the Number of objects to be equally spaced along the path.
    Distance Type the Distance to use between objects.
  3. (Optional) Specify Active Angle and X-, Y-, and Z-Scale values as necessary to place the cell in the correct orientation.
  4. Specify Angle Calculation based on Bridge Alignment, Roadway Alignment (if already specified for bridge), or Selected Path (based on option selected in Path Selection Mode).
  5. Specify the path details:
    1. Select the Path Selection Mode:
      Path Selection Mode Description
      Select Guideline Provides Select a slab or similar which you can then select a 2D template point to serve as the guideline for the path.
      Select Alignment With Profile Select an alignment and use the associated profile to establish the path.
      Select Alignment Without Profile Select an alignment and use the associated profile to establish the path.
    2. (Optional) Set the option to type Start Station and End Station values to define the path limits.
    3. (Optional) Type Horizontal and Vertical offset values as necessary.
  6. Select the Feature Definition which is associated with the cell you want to use.
  7. Data point on a path in the view window to select a path based on the Path Selection Mode. The program will highlight available path objects for you based on the Path Selection Mode. For Select Guideline Profiles, the Path Selection dialog opens after you reset (i.e., right-click) to confirm the selection.
  8. (For Select Guideline Profiles) Select the Guideline Point Name on the selected profile and then click OK.