OpenBridge Modeler

To define key points

The key points describe the outermost corners of the shape. OpenBridge Modeler attempts to detect these automatically when a template shape is imported. However, you may need to select different corners in some cases.

For Beams, you can specify wet joint key points in addition to overall cross-section boundary key points. Wet joints can apply either only to Flanges or the full depth as diaphragms, they must be specified after checking the option for Wet Joint Key Points. OpenBridge Modeler will connect the keypoints between adjacent beams to form the wet joint. All key points between the top and bottom keypoints on each side are automatically considered for forming the edges of the wet joint. Any non-linear variation between key points is ignored.

  1. In the Template Creation window, select the Key Points tab.
  2. Review the four key points and select a different vertex for each if required.
  3. Click Save.