OpenBridge Modeler

To place the supportlines

To place all the supportlines for the US301 over RR steel bridge, do the following.

  1. On the Home ribbon tab, select the Place > Multi tool in the SupportLine group

  2. In the Place Multi SupportLines tool settings dialog, set the following tool values:
    1. Check the Skew Angle option and type a value of 0.
    2. Check the Length option and type a value of 100.0000 (ft).
      Tip: This is the transverse pier length and not the span length.
    3. Check the Start Station option and type a value of 191+42.6700.
    4. Check the End Station option and type a value of 193+44.5300.
    5. Check the Number of SupportLines option and type a value of 3.
      Note: This tutorial is for a two span bridge, which is different from the previous tutorial.
    6. Select SupportLine as the Feature Definition.
    Leave all the other settings unchecked or on their default setting.
  3. Click three times in the view window.
    Note: You are prompted to specify values at each data point, but these were specified as fixed tool settings. Notice that the pop-up entry field on your mouse pointer has a lock to indicate these values are locked.
    The Place Multi supportlines dialog opens.
  4. Specify the following values for the supportlines to vary the skew and span length:
    SupportLine No Station (Skew) Angle Span Length (calculated)
    1 191+42.6700 -15.63° 0.0000
    2 192+45.6700 -14.0° 103.0000
    3 193+44.5300 -12.6° 98.8600
    • All angles have a minus sign (-). The degree symbol is added for you; you do not need to type it.
    • The stations are automatically calculated based on span length values.
  5. Click OK. The supportlines are added to the bridge model.