OpenBridge Modeler

To reference civil data

To reference civil data in external design files for the steel bridge, use the following.

In this tutorial, you will reference external data contained in DGN files rather than import terrain and alignment data. This gives you the flexibility to use civil data in whatever format it is provided.
Note: When you reference files, you cannot modify or change those files nor can you change their display. For example, you will not be able to turn off the triangles and contours in the terrain.
  1. Either:

    on the Home ribbon tab, select the References tool in the Primary group


    key in dialog reference

    The References dialog opens.
  2. Attach the roadway geometry:
    1. Select the Attach Reference tool.

      The Attach Reference dialog opens.
    2. Navigate to …\WorkSpaces\Imperial Standards\WorkSets\Tutorial 2\dgn .

      By default, the WorkSpace folder is located in C:\ProgramData\Bentley\OpenBridge Modeler CONNECT Edition\Configuration\ .

      Note: The folder C:\ProgramData\ is hidden by default in Windows. You will need to make it visible. Refer to for information on how to do this for different versions of Windows.
    3. Select the file US301OverRR_ALG_PROF.dgn and click Open. The Reference Attachment Settings for US301OverRR_ALG_PROF dialog opens.
    4. Click OK. The file is added to the references list in Slot1.
  3. Repeat step 2 to add the terrain data file, US301OverRR_GROUND.dgn. The file is added to the references list in Slot2.
  4. (Optional) To reduce the visual clutter resulting from the terrain while modeling, select US301OverRR_GROUND and then clear the check box in the display column.
    You can display the terrain again by repeating this process and checking the display column.