OpenBridge Modeler

Breaking Rebar

To break rebar:

  1. Select (Break Rebar).
  2. On your model,

    Click to identify the bar that you want to break


    <Ctrl+click> on a bar to break all bars in the same zone (such as the top, bottom, or side of a rebar cage).

    The pop-up prompt for selecting break position options appears:
    Select one of the break options to specify the position at which to break the bar(s):
    • P – By Points; allows you to select first, followed by second point on the rebar.
    • R – By Perpendicular Points; allows you to select a perpendicular point in the vew.
    • L – By Line intersecting rebar; allows you to select the line.
    The Key In dialog activates.
  3. At the Key In Prompt, type the length of the break. The bar(s) are broken into two pieces.