OpenBridge Modeler

To verify template variables

To verify that the range of variable values to be used will work with a given template, use the following procedure.

Note: Some variables names are suffixed by an asterisk (example: Rotation by Angle* ). These variables are created automatically by OpenBridge Modeler. It is available in any template even if the template has no variables. It just rotates the templates as a rigid body rotation (except for the points that have the Do not rotate option checked.
  1. In the Template Creation window, right-click on a template name and select Verify from the pop-up menu. A dialog with the template name opens. A table with the list of variable constraints is displayed on the right with a graphical view of the template on the left. The values for each variable are the default used when the template was created.
  2. Type a different Value for one of the variable constraints and press <Tab> or <Enter>. The diagram updates to display the template shape using the new values.
  3. Use the view controls to inspect the template that no edges overlap or other issues occur.

Close the window when you have completed verifying that no issues occur with the range of variable values for the bridge.