OpenBridge Modeler

What's New in CONNECT Edition Update 6

This topic summarizes the new enhancements in OpenBridge Modeler CONNECT Edition Update 6.

  • New advanced deck definition for Box Girder bridges.
  • Logical and consistent reorganization of configuration files, workspaces, standard, library and example files
  • CONNECT Licensing

Additional Enhancements

  • Options to export/import substructure library templates including piers, abutments and wingwalls.
  • Material definition is now separate from Features.
  • Excavation tool now handles multi column footings.
  • Transfer to LBS, barriers as equivalent area and CrossFrames including connection plates
  • When the tendons are brought in from RM Bridge to OpenBridge Modeler, several additional properties also brought in.
  • Several options on export to RM, including option to pick design code specific material, simplified abutment etc.
  • Support for ProjectWise Managed Workspaces
  • Option to publish to iModel 2.0 format
  • Platform Updates:
    • Updated to MicroStation, Power Platform 11
    • Updated to Civil - OpenRoads Designer, Update 6
    • Option to Install LumenRT Designer CONNECT Edition Update 11