OpenBridge Modeler

Face Based Rebar Modeling

Faced Based Rebar Modeling allows you to add 3d steel reinforcing bars that are parametric to concrete faces. Face Based Rebar Modeling can be used with any solid element from MicroStation or Open Bridge Modeler. For example, users can assign Local Variables to define corbel dimensions, and then modify the variables based on analysis computations.

Face Based Rebar Modeling tools are accessed on the ribbon in the Face Based Rebar tool group (ribbon: Concrete > Home > Face Based Rebar). You can create offset faces and intersection lines between offset faces to place rebar. The offset faces and intersect lines are associative, hence when the solid is modified the faces and intersect lines readjust to the change and any rebar applied to the faces and intersect lines readjust automatically.

The following are rebar tools supported by associative faces and intersections:

  • Single Rebar
  • Single RebarSet
  • Irregular Dispatch
  • Single Bar Distribution