OpenBridge Modeler

To place a wing wall on an abutment

To place a wing wall on one or both ends of an abutment, use the following procedure.

You need to have an existing wing wall template. You model must have at least one abutment.

Wing walls are associated with an abutment. If the abutment or its associated pier line moves, then the wing wall moves as well.

  1. Either:

    On the Home ribbon tab, select the Place Wingwall tool in the Substructure group


    key in bmgeom wingwall placebyabutment

  2. In the Place Wingwall tool settings dialog, check the Place Left Wingwall and Place Right Wingwall options, as needed. You can select either side or both sides. The options for placing the selected sides are displayed.
  3. Select the abutment template to use:
    1. Click […] adjacent to the Template Name setting. The Template Selection dialog opens.
    2. In the lists of wingwall types, select the wingwall template to use.
    3. Click Select.
  4. Specify additional settings such as Skew Angle.
  5. In the view window, do the following:
    1. Select an abutment.
    2. Data point again to accept the selection.
The wing wall is placed on the selected abutment at the selected ends.