OpenBridge Modeler

RebarSet-Wall/Panel - Main Reinforcement tab

Used to set up the reinforcement pattern for your panels.

Concrete Cover Sets the concrete clear cover for the Near Face, Far Face, and Side.
  • Centered – When checked, centers the rebar inside the panel/slab shape rather than placing it close to the panel's face. Use the Near RebarSet to define the centered rebarset.
Near RebarSet / Far RebarSet Define the Rebar used in both the Horizontal and Vertical directions for this RebarSet (layer of reinforcement). When checked, enables adding horizontal / vertical bars.
  • – Swaps parameters between the Horizontal and Vertical directions.
  • Bar Size – Sets the bar size (and steel grade) selected from the drop-down list.
  • Layout – Sets how the series of bars is aligned from the list. See Understanding Spacings.
  • Spacing Description – When checked, enables setting in variable spacing values -the formula that defines the spacing between rebar. See Understanding Spacings.
  • Spacing – Sets the regular distance between consecutive bars.
  • Start / End Offset – Sets the distance from the end of the rebar to the edge of your concrete shape.
  • Outer (Above) – When checked, sets the bars closest to the outer edge of the shape: toggles between horizontal or vertical.