OpenBridge Modeler

To visualize the bridge with the roadway

To display the bridge, terrain, and roadway clearly, do the following.

  1. Turn on the terrain triangles display:
    1. Select the terrain element.
    2. In the pop-up toolbar, select the Properties tool.
    3. Select On from the Triangles drop-down list.
  2. Render the bridge structure and terrain:
    1. On the View ribbon tab, select the Display Style List tool in the Presentation group.
    2. Select the Smooth:Shadows entry from the Display Style in the Change View Display Style settings dialog.
  3. Attach the roadway data:
    1. Either:

      on the Home ribbon tab, select the References tool in the Primary group


      key in dialog reference

      The References dialog opens.
    2. Select the Attach Reference tool.

      The Attach Reference dialog opens.
    3. Select the file …WorkSpaces\Imperial Standards\WorkSets\Tutorial 1\dgn\US301OverRR_Roadway.dgn and click OK.

      By default, the WorkSpace folder is located in C:\ProgramData\Bentley\OpenBridge Modeler CONNECT Edition\Configuration\ .

      Note: The folder C:\ProgramData\ is hidden by default in Windows. You will need to make it visible. Refer to for information on how to do this for different versions of Windows.

Bridge and roadway rendered

Here, the display style Illustration with Shadows is used.