OpenBridge Modeler

Bentley Licensing Tool

Used to view the state of the entitlements that you have activated and used, reserve a license for offline use or release a reserved license.

You can access the dialog from the following:

File > Tools > License Management > Bentley Licensing Tool

File Menu Opens the Import License File dialog and allows you to import a license file for offline use.
Tools Menu Offers you the following settings:
  • Options - opens the Options dialog to set Proxy server settings and error logging settings.
  • Send Logs Now - allows you to send usage logs.
  • Refresh Policy - refreshes the policy file for any updates.
  • Log Viewer - opens the Log Viewer dialog where you can view usage logs for your applications.
  • Activation Wizard - opens the CONNECT Client License Activation dialog where you can activate any products.
Help Menu Gives information about CONNECT Licensing.
Entitlements Tab Allows you to view the products you have entitlement to and related information like date of expiration of license, whether it is reserved or not, type of license and more.
Reserve License Tab Lets you reserve a license if you would like to use OpenBridge Modeler in offline mode for more than seven days. You have to sign-in to the CONNECTION Client to use OpenBridge Modeler for the first time. For any subsequent use you can use it in offline mode for a period not more than seven days after which you have to sign in again or reserve a license.
Product Status Tab Shows the list of products you have previously run and their status.