OpenBridge Designer

What is OpenBridge Designer

OpenBridge Designer CONNECT Edition is a unique application that combines modeling, analysis, and design into one comprehensive bridge product. The application utilizes the modeling capabilities of OpenBridge Modeler and the analysis and design features of LEAP Bridge Concrete, LEAP Bridge Steel and RM Bridge to meet the design and construction needs of all types of bridges. OpenBridge Designer offers direct interoperability for analysis and design, produce detailed reports, clash detection and construction simulation, quantities, geometry reports, and more. The application provides 3D parametric modeling, analysis, and load-rating software for bridges. Integrates with OpenRoads design applications, ProStructures for concrete rebar detailing and LumenRT for leveraging enhanced visualization.

OpenBridge Designer provides a comprehensive modeling and design environment and addresses all phases of project delivery.

  • Integrated Modeling, Analysis and Design of Bridges. Using OpenBridge Designer, bridge engineers can easily adopt a highly productive bi-directional physical-to-analytical workflow, where they can easily define 3D physical bridge models, from which analytical models are automatically extracted. This supports simultaneous evaluation of multiple bridge types, optimization of super and substructure components, elimination of duplicate inputs, parametric intelligent updates to reflect any changes in alignments, profiles, or any other site geometrics, ultimately improving the project delivery quality and reducing costs.
  • 3D Intelligent Physical Models. OpenBridge Designer produces intelligent, parametric models rich in engineering content properties for various bridge components. Intelligent models can be used to specify and validate the construction sequence and schedule, view time-lapse construction animation, as well as perform clash detection with other structures and objects, underground utilities to eliminate problems before they occur.
  • Lifecycle Interoperability and Collaboration. OpenBridge Designer brings various disciplines together for analysis, design, detailing, documentation, construction engineering and load-rating. The software allows direct referencing of DGN models for highway alignments, profiles, and ground information created with Bentley's OpenRoads and OpenRail, as well as LandXML files. It reuses data from various stakeholders thus maintaining relevant and up-to-date geometry within a single model throughout the lifecycle of the bridge.
  • Full Bridge Analysis and Design. OpenBridge Designer offers a unified environment for the design of superstructure and substructure of all types of bridges, with analytical options ranging from single girder or whole-width analysis, Strut-And-Tie, and multi-mode response spectrum, to 3D Finite Element Analysis (FEA), time history, pushover and wind buffeting analysis, and cable optimization.
  • Up-To-Date Bridge Design Codes. OpenBridge is always compliant with latest design codes, ensuring a safe design and up-to-date design calculations.
  • Detailing Tools. Connect directly to ProStructures to develop detailed rebar designs, including bar marks, schedules, quantities, and drawings.
  • Enlivened Visualization. OpenBridge Designer provides direct integration to Bentley LumenRT for producing cinematic visualization, adding vegetation, reflecting nature and climate.
  • Rich Deliverables. A variety of deliverables range from annotated plans, elevations, and sections using MicroStation's Dynamic View feature to deck elevations, beam-seat elevations, material quantities, cost estimates, camber diagrams and Input Echo report to facilitate the evaluation of multiple bridge alternatives, construction sequences, costs reports, in addition to very well-organized analysis and design reports.

Note: Supported operating systems are Windows 8 (x64), Windows 8.1 (x64) and Windows 10 (x64)

Side-by-Side installation: Starting with version V10.10 and newer versions, users can simultaneously install different OpenBridge Designer (OBD) versions. Users need to pay attention to the following:

  • Opening an old* file with the new** OBD version will trigger a database schema update. It is recommended to back up the initial file if the user wants to open it in the old version of OBD in the future. Opening a new/upgraded file in an older version of OBD may corrupt the schema database.
  • The software is not backward compatible, so always backup the working file before upgrading them to the newest OBD version.

*Old OBD file: created in V10.09.01 or older versions

**New OBD file: created in V10.10 or newer versions