OpenBridge Designer

OpenBridge Designer File Format (.obdx)

  • obdx file includes all analytical components (.lbcx, .lbsx or RM folder) files within its database. In other words, there will not be any external analytical component files referenced in OBD.
    • In Standalone Workflow, if a file is sent from OpenBridge Modeler to analytical components, the analytical component file will be stored in .obdx file and an entry under the same "Standalone Group" is generated, automatically if the user chooses to save that file.
  • At any time, user may choose to export all analytical component files (and .dgn files) at a directory in local drive user selects, therefore those analytical component files can be shared with other users preferring to use Standalone Workflows of analytical components.
  • .dgn files will stay as external files referenced in OBD, however, .obdx file will store the most up-to-date copy of the .dgn file. In case the external .dgn file cannot be located, user will be asked if the .dgn file should be restored from .obdx database.