OpenBridge Designer

Export Function

Since .obdx file includes all analytical component files (LEAP Bridge Concrete, LEAP Bridge Steel and RM Bridge Enterprise), Export Function is designed to extract the individual files comprising a project to a directory. It is a helpful function for users would like to access to individual component files.

Note that:

  • In BIM Workflow, once the project is exported, the link between those files with the .obdx file is broken, i.e. OpenBridge Designer will only work on and update the component data within .obdx file.
  • The modifications made to exported files have no effect on .obdx file.
  • User can use Export Function in a project in BIM workflow, switch to Standalone workflow, open the exported file in question and continue the design using Standalone workflow.
  • Also Standalone Groups under Standalone Workflow can also be exported using the same function. Similar to BIM Workflow, the link between these files and .obdx is broken, once they are exported.