MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition Help

WMS Map Editor Dialog, Map Layers Section

Displays information about the currently selected layers. Also contains controls to change the display order and to remove layers from a map.

Layer Title Lists the titles of the selected layers.
Layer Name Lists the names of the selected layers.
Style Title Displays the style title of the layers.
Style Name Displays the style name of the layers.
Opaque Indicates whether the layer is opaque. If false: map data represents vector features that probably do not completely fill space. If true: map data are mostly or completely opaque.
Move Layer to Front Use to move the selected layer towards the front of the map Z-order.
Move Layer to Back Use to move the selected layer towards the back of the map Z-order.
Delete Layer Use to remove the layer from the map definition. It is also possible to delete a layer by double clicking on the Layer line in the Map Definition section.