MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition Help


Used to relocate the global origin on the design plane and set up a permanent custom coordinate system, such as when working with maps.

A Global Origin dialog opens when you key in GO= or ACTIVE ORIGIN. Its two modes let you define coordinates for a monument point, to relocate the global origin, or you can set it back to the default position at the center of the design plane.

In the Global Origin dialog, the Monument Point option for Mode lets you input values for x, y, and z (for 3D), which are located at the monument point that you select in the model. Whereas, the Center option for Mode lets you set the Global Origin of the model back to the center of the design plane or cube.

Note: Setting the global origin (by keying in ACTIVE ORIGIN or GO=) cannot be undone. However, the global origin is a savable setting. Therefore, one method of recovering from an erroneous GO= key-in is to close and then reopen the DGN file without saving settings.