MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition Help

(Technology Preview) V8i Task Theme in MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition

The V8i Task Theme is now provided in MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition to provide a familiar user interface for users who have recently migrated from MicroStation PowerDraft V8i. As a new user it may take you some time to get acquainted with the new Ribbon Interface in MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition. While you explore the benefits of using the ribbon, you can use the familiar V8i Task Theme to access your frequently used tools and finish-up your project.

You can now easily turn on the V8i Task Theme from the Select V8i Mode drop-down in the Quick Access toolbar. From the drop-down menu you can choose the Ribbon, Dialog, Toolbox or Combobox style to display the V8i tools. You can also access the V8i Task theme by selecting the Task Navigation workflow and picking the desired task form the Select Task drop-down in the Quick Access toolbar.

Ribbon Displays the legacy V8i tools in the Ribbon.
Dialog Displays the V8i tools in the Tasks dialog on the left-hand side.
Toolbox Displays the Tasks toolbox.
Combobox Displays the Tasks combobox.

The V8i Task Theme active in Dialog mode.

Ribbon Mode. You can select a V8i task from the Select Task picker in the Quick Access toolbar

If Position Mapping category is turned on in the Preferences Dialog, you can use positional keyboard navigation. The keyboard shortcuts will display to the left of the V8i tasks in the Tasks dialog.

Note: The V8i Task Theme is a close representation of the MicroStation PowerDraft V8i user interface and not 100 percent the same as the V8i user interface.