MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition Help


Used to crop a raster image (Clip Boundary), or to define a masked area (Clip Mask).

You can access this tool from the following:

  • Ribbon: Drawing > Attach > Raster
  • Toolbox: Raster Control

An image can have one clipping boundary, but may have a number of clipping masks. Thus, when you create a new clipping boundary, any existing clipping boundary is cleared. When you create a clipping mask, however, it is added to any existing clipping masks for the selected image. New clipping masks cannot intersect previous clipping masks. If you try to intersect an existing clipping mask, an information box appears to tell you why your clipping mask is invalid.

The valid elements for clipping are circles, ellipses, squares, rectangles, B-splines and closed elements or shapes.

When applying clipping polygons to raster images in a 3D design file, the polygon's shape, used to clip the raster image, is that appearing in the Top view.

Note: This tool is no longer blocked when more than one raster is selected.

Method This option menu, lets you choose the type of object to be used to clip the raster image.
  • Block — Lets you interactively draw a block to be used as a clipping polygon.
  • Element — Lets you specify an existing (closed) element in the design file to use as a clipping polygon.
  • Fence — Lets you use an existing fence as a clipping polygon.
Mode This option menu lets you choose the clipping mode that is used to clip the raster image.
  • Clip Boundary — Used when cropping images. The image is cropped back to the limits of the clipping object.
  • Clip Mask — Used to mask a section within a raster image. This option lets you place a text box, for example, within a raster image file.