MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition Help

Place Active Cell Matrix

Used to place a matrix of the Active Cell. The cells are placed at the Active Angle and Active Scale on the same level(s) as in the cell definition, unless it is a point cell. Point cell components are placed on the Active Level.

The Active Angle and Active Scale can be set in the Design File Settings dialog ( File > Settings > File > Design File Settings ). The Active Level is set in the Attributes ribbon group.

You can access this tool from the following:

  • Ribbon: Drawing > Home > Placement > Cells split button
  • Ribbon: Drawing > Annotate > Cells
  • Toolbox: Cells

Active Cell Sets the Active Cell, which can be keyed-in here or set by clicking the Set Active Cell icon in the Cell Library dialog ( Drawing > Annotate > Cells dialog launcher).
Browse Cells Opens the Cell Libraries dialog for purposes of placement of a different active cell.
Rows Sets the number of rows.
Columns Sets the number of columns.
Row Spacing Sets the space, in working units, between rows.
Column Spacing Sets the space, in working units, between columns.
Key-in: MATRIX CELL [ rows, columns, row_spacing, column_spacing ]
Key-in: CM= [ rows, columns, row_spacing, column_spacing ]