MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition Help

Select Remote File Dialog

Used to select a URL where a remote DGN file is located and to download a local copy of the DGN file. Once a DGN file has been downloaded it cannot be sent back to the URL or merged with the original DGN file.

This dialog opens when you attach a URL to a remote DGN file.

Note: URLs also can be attached to a remote cell library, a remote reference, or a remote raster image a remote raster image. The dialog for specifying a URL has the same appearance, no matter which type of file is being attached.
URL Key in the URL where the remote DGN file is located and the name of the DGN file. If URLs have been entered previously, you can select one by clicking the arrow to the right of the URL text box and selecting it from the list.
Cache Policy Choose to download a file from the Internet or to use a local copy that was downloaded earlier.
  • Auto-manage cache — The file is downloaded only if the file at the specified URL is newer than the local version.
  • Force reload from web — The file is always downloaded from the Internet.
  • Use local copy only — The local copy of the file is used and no Internet request is sent.
Type of Local Storage Allows you to choose how the downloaded file is stored.
  • Permanent — The file is not deleted.
  • Persistent — The file is only deleted when size requirements demand it. Currently, the total permitted size of local copies of remote files is 25 MB.
  • Temporary — The file is deleted at the end of the current session.
Store Read Only Stores the downloaded files as read-only. This is a useful reminder that the remote file is not being changed, and making modifications to local copies could lead to confusion.
Append ?fmt=raw Appends the string “?fmt=raw” to the end of any file that is submitted for download. This is necessary if the selected site is running ProjectWise Publishing Server, because such sites default to sending a JPEG image rather than the raw DGN file.
Note: The ?fmt=raw string works only if the web administrator has enabled this feature in ProjectWise Publishing Server.
Specify local copy Allows you to specify a location to which the file will be downloaded, rather than the default location. Downloaded files from a URL are stored in a directory specified by the MS_WEBFILES_DIR configuration variable.
Bookmarks > Add Bookmark Opens the Add Bookmark dialog for creating a bookmark with a URL and title that will be included in the current bookmark list. Once created, selecting the bookmark enters the associated URL in the URL text box.
Note: If you have the Engineering Links browser open, the current URL displayed in the browser appears in the Select Remote File dialog's URL text box.
Bookmarks > Edit Bookmark Opens the Edit Bookmark dialog for editing existing bookmarks.
Options > Clear History If URLs have been accessed previously, selecting this option deletes them from the list box. If you click the arrow to the right of the URL text box, the list will be empty.