MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition Help

Macros Dialog

Used to display a list of macros available in the currently loaded projects. The macros are searched in the directories defined by the MS_MACRO configuration variable.

You can open this dialog from the following:
  • Ribbon: Drawing > Utilities > Macros dialog launcher

Open the Macros dialog
Opens the File Open dialog from which you can select the desired macro.
Open the VBA Manager dialog
Opens the VBA Projects dialog, which allows you to manage VBA projects.
Playback the selected macro
Plays the selected macro.
Record a macro
Starts recording of a new macro.
Pause the current recording
Pauses the current recording. To resume the recording click the same icon again. The actions between pause and resume are not recorded.
Stop recording the current macro
Stops recording the macro and opens the Create Macro dialog.
Promote macro to VBA
Creates a VBA macro from the .bmr macro. The .mvba file is stored at the path pointed by the MS_MACRONEWFILEDIRECTORY configuration variable.
Edit the currently selected macro
If the selected macro is a .bmr macro, opens the Edit Macros dialog. If the selected macro is a VBA macro, opens the Microsoft Visual Basic editor, which is used to create and modify Visual Basic applications and macros.
Removes the selected macro from the project.
Macros list box
Displays a list of macros available in the currently loaded BMR and VBA projects.
  • Type - Displays an icon of the type of macro, that is BMR or VBA .
  • Macro Name - Displays the name of the macro.
  • Description - Displays the description of the macro.