MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition Help

Locks Dialog, Axis Section

Contains controls that are used to adjust Axis Lock and related settings.

Axis Lock If on, each data point is forced to lie at an angle (or multiples of that angle) from the previous data point. The angle is specified by the (Axis) Increment relative to the (Axis) Start Angle.

Axis Lock with Axis Start Angle 30° and Axis Increment 90°. Left: Lines placed with the Place Line tool are constrained to 30°, 120°, 210°, and 300° angles. Right: Movement with Move Element is constrained in a similar way.

Note: If (Axis) Start Angle is 0° and (Axis) Increment is 90°, Axis Lock constrains successive data points to lie orthogonally.
Note: Conflicts between Axis Lock and Grid Lock or Unit Lock are resolved as follows:
  • If the Axis Start Angle and Axis Increment are such that the grid or imaginary unit grid does not align with an axis, Axis Lock nullifies the other locks.
  • If the axis anchor point is off the grid or unit grid and the Axis Start Angle and Axis Increment are such that grid points do not lie on an axis, Grid Lock or Unit Lock is applied, followed by Axis Lock.
(Axis) Start Angle An angle in the range 0-180° degrees, relative to the view x-axis that is used as a starting angle by Axis Lock.

Axis Start Angle ("S") = 30°; Axis Increment ("I") = 90°

(Axis) Increment The increment, in degrees, between angles on which data points are forced to lie when Axis Lock is on. The valid increment range is 0-90°.