MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition Help

Link Manager Dialog

Lists the DDE string for each DDE link and lets you maintain links. A DDE string identifies the application, topic, item, and type of a DDE link. A DDE string can have up to 255 characters. Opens when you select Edit > DDE Links.

You can open this dialog from the following:

  • Ribbon: Drawing > Utilities > Utilities > OLE > DDE Links

Open Source Starts the application that created the selected audio note, text link, or animation sequence.
Tip: You can also open the source application for a linked object by double-clicking the text node, audio note icon, or animation sequence icon in the design.
Open All Links Starts the application(s) that created every audio note, animation sequence, or ext link in the design.
Cancel Link Removes the selected link. The text node, audio note icon, or animation sequence icon remains in the design file.
  • If the link was a text link, the text will no longer be updated when its former source is changed.
  • If the link was an audio note, it can no longer be played.
  • If the link was an animation sequence, it can no longer be played.

To re-establish the DDE link, repaste the audio note, animation sequence, or linked text from the original source.

Edit Link Opens the Edit Links dialog, which is used to edit the selected link, mainly to mend broken links that result when the source file for a linked object is moved or deleted.
Program Sets the name of the DDE server — usually the name of the source application. This is sometimes called the service or program.
Topic Sets the general data name. For most applications a topic is a filename.
Item Sets the item's number/name for the DDE link as defined internally by the source application.
Link Type Sets the type of DDE link, either Text or Sound.
CAUTION: Do not change the Link type unless you also change the file named in the Topic field.