MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition Help

Planning Your Project

The way that you handle DWG data in MicroStation PowerDraft depends on a number of factors. Here are some questions that will help you to choose whether to work primarily with the DGN or DWG file format in MicroStation PowerDraft, and to choose between DGN and DWG workmodes:

  • What is the required file format for the final project deliverables: DGN, DWG, or both?

  • What percentage of the files used in the project will be DGN files versus DWG files?

  • Who will be primarily responsible for modifying and assembling the files: the MicroStation PowerDraft or AutoCAD users?

  • Are there downstream or add-on applications that require either the DGN or DWG format, such as another Bentley product, third-party product data management software, or presentation software?

  • Are there advanced MicroStation PowerDraft functions that will facilitate the completion of the project, such as custom line styles, Design History, reference masking?

  • Will the project files go through revisions where they return to MicroStation PowerDraft users repeatedly for revisions or changes?

The answers to these revision cycle and formatting questions should help you clarify the strategy to use for your project.