MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition Help

Creating Cell Elements on the Default Level

When you create a cell's geometry, you typically place elements on the level where you want those elements to ultimately appear when the cell is placed in a design.

Using an alternate approach, you can create parts of a cell's geometry on the Default level. To enable element placement on the Default level, set the active level to Default in the Attributes toolbox, and set Symbology to ByLevel in the Level Manager dialog.

If you place a cell containing elements that were placed with those settings in effect, those elements take on the attributes of the active level. All other elements in the cell are placed on their defined levels and take on those levels' respective attributes. This technique applies only to graphic cells, not point cells.

For example, suppose you created a cell with a line element on the Default level with By Level attributes assigned and an arc element on level Lvlnam1 with By Level attributes assigned. When you place the cell on level Lvlnam3:

  • The line element is placed on the Lvlnam3 and takes on the By Level attributes of Lvlnam3.
  • The arc element is placed on Lvlnam1 and takes on that level's By Level attributes.