MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition Help

Converting IGES Subfigure Names

IGES subfigures are similar to MicroStation PowerDraft cells. Although MicroStation PowerDraft cell names are limited to six characters, there is no limit to the length of IGES subfigure names:

  • When an IGES file is imported, a subfigure name is truncated to its first six characters. If the name already exists in the DGN file or attached cell library, the sixth character is replaced with a "0". This number is incremented until a unique name is found.
  • When exporting a file to IGES, you can replace the six-characters MicroStation PowerDraft cell names with longer subfigure names to match the naming conventions of the receiving application.

You can use the Cell Names dialog to customize how cell names are translated.

To customize Do this
Subfigure names are translated to cell names during import. From the Import IGES File dialog, choose Settings > Cell Names.
Cell names are translated to subfigure names during export. From the Export IGES File dialog, choose Settings > Cell Names.
Tip: If you must frequently exchange data between MicroStation PowerDraft and another system that supports subfigure names longer than six characters, you should save customized lists of conversions in an import and export settings file.