MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition Help

Working with Cell Libraries

Cell libraries are commonly stored in DGN libraries (.dgnlib). Any DGN library can be attached as a cell library, and any DGN library can be opened as a DGN file. Each model in a DGN file becomes a separate cell.

When you create a cell library, a blank default model is created. This blank model displays when you first open the cell library as a DGN file. You can change to different models with the Models dialog.

Like normal models, cells are also identified by their names. So, you cannot have a shared cell and an attached cell library model of the same name in your active file. If such a situation arises, the shared cell model is looked up first and placed as a cell. If you want to use the cell model from the attached cell library, consider changing its model name prior to attaching or, delete the shared cell definition in your active file if you no longer need it.

Note: DWG files also can be attached as cell libraries. DWG files may contain blocks, which you can place as shared cells.
Note: Pre-V8 files and cell libraries are not supported as cells. You cannot open a pre-V8 cell library and upgrade it to a V8 DGN file. It must be attached as a cell library.
Note: You can merge cell libraries by importing models into a DGN file.

The following topics describe procedures for creating and attaching a cell library and for browsing cells.