MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition Help

Overview of Callouts in 3D

In the Drawing Composition, you use the dynamic views features to create sheet composition. In previous editions, in a 3D model, you could view a model in all its planes. However, you could not see the dimensions, annotations and other details that were placed on the sheet models. To view these details, you needed to navigate to the sheet models manually. You could also not place callouts in a 3D design model. But now you can place callouts in 3D design model and also view the sheet graphics in a 3D design model, in place, automatically. This capability of MicroStation PowerDraft is also called hypermodels .

Some of the benefits of using callouts in 3D are:

  • Callouts make drawings easier to understand and interpret.
  • The effectiveness of project communication is increased, leading to better informed decisions.
  • Project quality is improved by the increase in speed to insight. This is beneficial through all phases of project: design, review, construction, operation.
  • Callouts make 3D design models more reliable, effective and easy to use for construction, operation and so on.

When you place a callout in 3D, it is by default placed on the ACS plane. You can override this by snapping the callout to an existing element.