MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition Help

Placing a Section Callout

You can place callouts to identify a section view on a sheet using the Place Section Callout tool.

You can directly place a section callout on sheet without selecting any reference. The section callout searches for its first intersecting reference and creates a section view in that referenced model. When you create a section callout selecting the Create Drawing check box, the Create Drawing dialog opens. Selecting the Create Drawing Model and Create Sheet Model check boxes in the Create Drawing dialog creates a section view which is placed in a drawing model and the drawing model is in turn attached in a sheet model. The section callout is placed on the sheet but the section view is part of the design composition.

(1) The clipped plan saved view is placed as a reference in a sheet model. (2) The section callout can be placed on the sheet to create the section view in the 3D model.