MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition Help

Font-Specific Settings

MicroStation PowerDraft requires additional information about fonts that is not stored in the font itself. The settings by font in this file associate on a font type and name basis.

Information about product-delivered fonts is already included and you should not have to modify this information. If you have custom fonts in your configuration, you can manually specify this information for your custom font otherwise various defaults will be used, which may or may not be appropriate for your font. When specifying information for a font, it is uniquely identified by its type and name. If multiple fonts of the same type share all information, a single specification can contain a list of names. A font can only appear once in the file. If a font appears more than once, the behavior is undefined.

Named symbols appear in the same list as favorite symbols in the text editor. Named symbols specified in the font configuration file will be common to all users who use the configuration. They cannot be modified by users unlike favorite symbols. The intent of named symbols is to provide quick access to commonly used symbols, notably in custom fonts.