MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition Help

Point Clouds

The following enhancements are made to point clouds.

Export to LAS

You can now export a point cloud to LAS format.

Import ZFS and LAZ Files

You can now import ZFS (*.zfs) and LAZ (*.laz) point cloud file formats, convert, and attach them as a POD to the DGN file.

Point Cloud Styles

The Point Cloud Presentation setting in the Point Clouds dialog is removed. You can now access, create, and edit the point cloud styles either from the Explorer dialog File tab or from the Properties dialog.

You can now create and edit point cloud styles in read-only DGN files as well.

Point Cloud Support for Cut Plane in Clip Volume

Point clouds now support cut plane in clip volume. When a clip volume is applied to a point cloud attachment, the points within the tolerance are displayed with the cut plane. Settings for tolerance and projecting points on the cut plane are provided in the Apply Clip Volume tool and the callout tools.