MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition Help

Examples of Revision Number Display Format Values

Following are some examples of values for the Revision Number Display Format configuration variable:

Revision Number Desired Appearance Format to Use
1.2 1.2 {0}.{1}

This is the default format.

1.2 2 – 1 {1}–{0}
1.2 0.1 {0,cardinal}.{1,cardinal}
1.2 0.2 {0,cardinal}.{1}
1.2 A2 {0,letter}{1}
1.2 A.2 {0,letter}.{1}
1.2 1.B {0}.{1,letter}
1.2 2A {1}{0,letter}
1.2 B1 {1,letter}{0}
1.2 RevB1 Rev{1,letter}{0}
1.2 RevB1*** Rev{1,letter}{0}***
1.28 1BB {1,letter,AA}
1.28 1AB {0}{1,letter,AB}

The following examples show how ranges are used:

Example Using a Range Description
[2.1]{0}.{1,letter} Revisions starting with 2.1 are formatted as number.letter, while all revisions before that are formatted in the default style (number.number).
[2.1]{0}.{1.letter}[3.3]{0},{1,letter,AB} Revisions between 2.1 and 3.3 (inclusive) are formatted as number.letter in AA style (the default), while revisions after 3.3 are formatted as number.letter in AB style.