MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition Help

Visual SQL Query Builder Dialog Overview

The Visual SQL Query Builder dialog uses a simple graphical means of generating query statements of varying complexity, graphically generates and displays table joins, builds form dialogs from generated queries, and allows you to save form dialogs and to retrieve them for later use.

Selecting Query Builder from the Database menu opens the Visual SQL Query Builder dialog.

The Visual SQL Query Builder dialog lets you easily build SQL queries. It helps ensure proper syntax and reduces time consuming key-ins for both novice and expert SQL users. The dialog uses a tab structure that separates and organizes the main query building steps. The tab names follow the intuitive SELECT, WHERE, GROUP BY, ORDER BY order with which most users are familiar.

The Visual SQL Query Builder also generates a database form dialog from the query statement. The dialog form can be used to navigate through a database table, and to query, insert, update and delete rows in the table. The form can be saved for future use.

The Standard Form Items dialog is used to specify the control items which appear on newly generated dialog forms.

Note: To open the Visual SQL Query Builder dialog, you must be connected to a database.