MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition Help

Linking to Content Within Files

Often you may want to link not just to a file, but to specific contents within a file or a folder containing multiple files. For example, you may want to create a link to a specific saved view within a design model in a DGN file, not just to the DGN file itself. Explorer allows you to create links to the specific contents of certain file types.

If you create a link directly to the contents of a file, in the Links tab of the Explorer dialog you will see the name of the contents to which you are linking. However, if a link with the same name already exists, then the new link will contain the file name, followed by name of the contents. For example, if a link to the sheet model named "index" of Architectural.dgn file already exists in the link set and you try insert a link to "index" sheet model of some other file, say Structural.dgn, then the link name of this link will be Structural.dgn, index.

When you create a link directly to the contents of a file, the content's name appears in black, indicating that you can move the link or delete it.

Note: In DWG workmode, the default is not able to link to the contents within files. If you want to be able to create links to the contents of files, you must enable the capability _USTN_CAPABILITY <+CAPABILITY_DGNLINK_NONDGN_REGIONLINKS in the standards, WorkSpace, WorkSet, or user configuration file.

The following table lists the file types whose contents you can link to, as well as the specific contents you can link to within those files.

Supported File Types File Content You Can Link To
DGN, DWG, DXF Design, Drawing, and Sheet Models
Saved Views
Drawing Boundaries
Link set
Key-in (supported by DGN file type only)
Microsoft Word Document (DOC, DOCX) Microsoft Heading Styles User-defined Heading Styles
Microsoft Excel Workbook (XLS, XLSX) Individual Excel Worksheets (also called Spreadsheets)
Adobe PDF Bookmarks (the "go to a page view" type)
Folder Files in the folder
Print Organizer Print Set (PSET) Print definitions